New Board of Group Named 03. 06. 2009.

Today's shareholders meeting saw the decision on naming the new Group's Board. Boris Teški is the new group's Board president.

In the course of today's meeting of shareholders of Group, a decision on naming the new Group Board was brought. The Board will consist of Boris teški (Board president), Selimir Ognjenović (vice president in charge of strategy and business activities), Peter Imberg, vice president, and Ivan Zec (Board member in charge of finances).

Naming of the new Board is a strategic decision, part of the plan for integration of business processes on Group level. The decision marked the realisation of the plan which included the separation of ownership and managerial functions, looking to raise the Group's operational capacities to a level necessary for stable and profitable business activities in the present market circumstances.

The function of Board president will as of today be assumed by Boris Teški from Zagreb, holding a degree in business and possessing a years-long experience in large systems management and restructuring processes. During his successful carreer he, among other roles, performed the function of board member of LURA, PLIVA Ljubljana CEO, and the head of Instar d.o.o as of 2004.

Board's vice president for strategy and business activities, Selimir Ognjenović, is long-time present in tourism and the co-owner of ID Riva, member of Group. Peter Imberg represents the WAZ Media House, one of the leading German media corporations and the leading media group in Austria and south-eastern Europe, the key tourist emission markets for Croatia. Ivan Zec, the current Board member in charge of finances, will keep his function. Group developed from the online travel agency. First major enlargement happened in 2004, when the agency took over Atlas Airtours, one of the first tour operators in Croatia.

The expansion continued in 2005, when the company entered German, Dutch and Slovenian markets by taking over ID Riva Tours Gmbh, Odisej and Ilirika Turizem travel agencies. A further step towards enlargement of the Group had been made in 2006, when ATLAS Travel Agency and Kompas JSC, present at more than 26 markets, became members of Group.

Jolly Travel, Serbia’s leading tour operator, joined the Group in 2007.

Further information is available through following telephone numbers: 01 2415 601, 091 2638 011, and e-mail address: (contact person Kristijan Gržetić)